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Exhaust Fans

Help to reduce the build-up of mould-creating moisture by installing exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Laundries used for drying clothes, especially those with a condensing dryer, should also be fitted with an exhaust fan or have an open window nearby during operation. It’s important to consider venting the fans to the outside (rather than the ceiling cavity) and installing them with a backdraft damper (a flap that sits over the fan and allows air to flow through one direction while stopping it from entering from the other side).

Adding an inexpensive draught stopper / backdraft damper to any existing exhaust fans can keep them from letting warm air out or cold air in. They’re simple to install, require little maintenance, and can be a quick fix when it comes to lowering your heating and cooling bills. Draught stoppers are also suitable for rental properties.


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