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There are a number of smart ways that you can try to reduce the risk to your home from the increasing threat of flash floods. One way is by using pervious pavement, which is made of porous material, or stepping stones to enable stormwater to flow through your property more slowly.

You can also investigate the use of flood barriers and walls around your home to steer water away from areas you need to protect and into drains and pipes. Increasing the size of your stormwater pipes and drains, elevating new structures above flood risk levels and installing tiled or concrete flooring to ground floor areas may also be very effective ways to reduce your risk from flood waters.

Make sure to regularly clear your gutters and drains of debris to lower the likelihood of them being overwhelmed during heavy rain.

Other effective ways to help reduce your risk of flood damage can be found by searching online for “WSUD” or “water-sensitive urban design” which helps to integrate stormwater, groundwater and wastewater management to minimise environmental impact while also reducing flood impact on property. You can also seek advice on a localised drainage system tailored to your home that considers projected increases (from climate change) in rainfall intensity and flooding.


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